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Sunday - 2/24/2019

Outright winner

Star Wars - Special - USA

Solo: A Star Wars Story 2:00 PM
Will Solo: A Star Wars Story win an Oscar for best movie?

Movie Specials - World

Black Panther - Special 4:00 PM
Will Black Panther win an Oscar for best movie?

Academy Awards - USA

The 91st Annual Academy Awards 5:00 PM
Best Motion Picture (others on request)

Sunday - 2/23/2020

Outright winner

Academy Awards - USA

Meryl Streep - Special 4:00 AM
Will Meryl Streep win her 4th Oscar by the end of year 2020?

Thursday - 10/20/2022

Outright winner

The Birgit Nilsson Prize - World

The 5th Birgit Nilsson Prize (Date to be confirmed) 9:00 AM
Event Winner - Others on request
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